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help_outline Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Download TikTok MP3?
    1. Find a TikTok video or music that you want to download in MP3 by using TikTok App or TikTok Web.
    2. Copy the TikTok music Link from the "Share Option" and click "Copy Link"
    3. Paste the copied TikTok Link above and click the Download button to Download TikTok MP3.
  • Can I convert Tiktok to MP3 on Android phone or tablet?
    Yes, you can convert tiktok videos in mp3 and download the converted mp3 directly to your Android phone or tablet.
  • How to save Tiktok MP3 to iPhone/iPad?

    If you're using iPhone with IOS 13+ or iPad with iPadOS 13+, you can Download MP3 using Safari.

    If you're using iPhone or iPad with OS 12 or less, Follow these steps.

    1. Install Documents by Readdle from the Apple Store.
    2. Start Documents by Readdle and click on the Browser icon at the bottom of app.
    3. When the browser is open, go to MusicallyDown and paste the link above and tap the "Download" button.
    4. The MP3 file will be saved to your device.
  • Is Tik Tok MP3 Downloader free to use?
    Yes. Our Tik Tok mp3 downloader is free to use, you can freely download TikTok sounds and videos without any limit.
  • How to save TikTok MP3 songs on PC?
    To download TikTok songs in MP3 format on PC using our TikTok mp3 converter, Paste the copied TikTok link above and click the "Download" button. Download TikTok MP3 sound directly to pc.
  • Where are downloaded MP3 are saved?
    It depends on the Browser you are using, by the way all downloaded TikTok MP3 audios are saved in "Downloads" folder on Windows and Mac or Mobile. You can also press CTRL+J to view your download history.
  • Your TikTok MP3 Downloader store downloaded audios?
    Our TikTok MP3 downloader don't store downloaded audios. All TikTok MP3 are hosted on TikTok servers. We also don't store users information, this making using our TikTok downloader totally Anonymous and secured.